ANOVA Family Health Center presents: The COVID-19 Testing Process. (Animation shows two COVID-19 Testers writing on clip boards.)
Step 1: Making an Appointment. When a patient needs a COVID-19 Test, they call our clinic at 701-842-6400. A member of staff then assists the patient with setting up a chart and completing a packet from the NDDoH with them by phone. We have between 2-5 staff members available to assist with calls each day, 2 of which are Receptionists that also check in regular patients. If you have a hard time reaching us, please keep calling! (The Animation shows a ringing telephone and a desk with a clipboard and office supplies.)
Step 2: Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing. ANOVA's COVID-19 Testing is conducted by Drive-Thru. We do mass testing at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 1:00 pm. When a patient arrives at our clinic they will see signs directing them to the back of our building, where they will do the following: 1. Pull into the parking lot. 2. Pull up to the STOP sign. 3. Put their car in park. 4. Roll down their window. 5. Wait for the Provider. (Animation shows the back of the clinic building, and where the stop sign is in the back parking lot.)
Step 3: Test Administration. The Provider conducting the tests will come out in full PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes an N95 or higher level respirator, eye protection, gloves, and a gown. They will provide each patient a packet of important information and resources. The Provider will swab the patient up both nostrils. The patient will be instructed how to exit the parking lot, and will proceed to go home to wait for results. (Animation shows a patient in their car being swabbed through their vehicle window by the healthcare provider.)
Step 3 (continued): Test Administration. (Animations from the CDC illustrate the process of administering a COVID-19 test correctly.) Step 1: Tilt the patient's head back 70 degrees. Gently and slowly insert a minitip swab with a flexible shaft through the nostril parallel to the palate until resistance is encountered. The distance is equivalent to that from the nostril to the ear of the patient, indicating contact to the nasopharynx. Step 2: Gently rub and roll the swab, leaving it in place for several seconds to absorb secretions. If a deviated septum or blockage creates difficulty in obtaining the specimen from one nostril, use the same swab to obtain the specimen from the other nostril. Step 3: Slowly remove the swab while rotating it. Specimens can be collected from both nostrils, but it is not necessary if the minitip swab is saturated with fluid from the first nostril. Step 4: Place the swab, tip first, into the transport tube provided. Once the tip is near the bottom, break the swab handle at the swab breakpoint by bending back and forth or cut it off with sterile scissors. The swab should fit in the tube comfortably so that the cap can be screwed on tightly to prevent leakage and contamination.) For more information visit
Step 4: Test Analysis. When a patient is tested, we collect a respiratory specimen that will determine if a patient has COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2). The sample then goes to our Nurse Staff in our Clinic's Lab. The test is then ran through one of our Abott ID NOW Analyzers, which are contained in our Labconco Logic + Biosafety Cabinet that provides environmental protection for the laboratory. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes to process. When processing is complete, the Nurse Staff will call the patient with their results. (Illustration shows in detail the Labconco Biosafety Cabinet and the Abott ID NOW Analyzers.)
Step 5: NDDoH Quarantine Guidelines. If Positive for COVID-19: Quarantine for 10 days, and if there are no symptoms for 24 hours after the 10th day, then normal life/work routine may be resumed the following day. If Close Contact to a Positive case: Quarantine for 7 days if a Negative test result is received, and no symptoms arise. (The State recommends an exposed individual be tested at the 5th day mark after exposure.) Positive household member: Quarantine for 17 days if Negative test result is received, and no symptoms arise. (Animation shows a person in bed coughing, and another individual putting on a mask and saying, "Be kind! It's our responsibility to look out for each other!")
ANOVA Family Health Center offers Drive Through COVID-19 Testing Monday-Friday by appointment only. Our tests are Rapid RRT-PCR tests, and results will be received same-day.

COVID-19 Testing Information

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have offered appointments for testing to locals and travelers alike.

Our clinic offers Rapid RRT-PCR tests that are assessed by the Abbott ID NOW analyzer.

If you are experiencing symptoms, have been exposed, or need to be tested for travel, call 701-842-6400 and a member of our staff will gladly assist you in making an appointment as our testing is by appointment only at this time!

We are dedicated to maintaining your health and the health of our community.